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May 22, 2022
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October 23, 2012
Oct 23, 2012
  Brothers and Sisters of 1009,       I would like to take this opportunity to thank the membership for electing me to a third term as Vice President of your great union. It is a privilege to work with President Dwyer and Sec.-Tres. Fitman and the members of the E-Board.
June 3, 2011
Jun 27, 2011

June 3,2011

Brothers and Sisters,


I would like to thank the bargaining team and e-board for their hard work and long hours put in over the last few months. This MOA was not easy with many difficult issues and complicated outside influences to consider. Without all of their patience and understanding this agreement would not have been reached and Local 1009 would have been in a difficult position going forward. I would like to thank President John Dwyer for his leadership and negotiation skills. He has the ability to process all the information available and provide us with the best MOA possible. President Dwyer may not have had the bargaining experience of past presidents, but he does now.  President Dwyer was able to debate and negotiate on equal footing with the City Manager, and in the end got more then the Manager wanted to give. We should all thank President Dwyer.
Most importantly I would like to thank the membership. You made a courageous vote, saving jobs and saving our collective bargaining rights. You showed unity and strength in spite of little personal gain. It was an overwhelming positive ratification vote in very difficult times. You understood the issues and did the right thing. You should be proud.
As you know this summer we will be without manpower overtime funds. We just took a strong vote to save jobs and not to close companies. We just made a statement to the Chief, City Manager and the City Counsel that we believe that manning is important. With that said I am urging you to make every effort to com to work this summer. You have a 2 week summer vacation that you picked, P/L's, and the ability to swap, use them. Sick Leave is insurance so that when you are sick, if you have time accrued, you will be paid. If we close companies because people use S/L for the wrong reasons it only screws everyone who comes to work.(ship outs, close companies equals a heavier work load) You also may put yourself in peril that you won’t have sick time when you may need it. You may be a broken leg away from not getting paid. The Prolong Illness Plan is not guaranteed. Try to make the effort this summer, we all depend on it.

Thank You

VP D.Courville     

Sept. 3, 2010
Sep 03, 2010

Brothers and Sisters,

                   Just a few reminders;

                    The primary election date is Tuesday 9/14/2010. We need your HELP holding signs for JOHN MAHONEY. John is running for District 13 State Representative. We will be at Tatnuck Sq. 5-6 on Tues. 9/7,Wed. 9/8,Thurs. 9/9 ,Fri. 9/10 and Mon. 9/13. We will need your help covering the polls holding signs Tuesday September 14. If you can help on election day please sign up at Franklin St. or email me at

                     Mahoney is endorsed by L1009 and the PFFM. He has promised to protect your benefits(pension,Health ins) and give his absolute consideration regarding all firefighter issues,at the State House.This is important please help.

                     Second, nominations for L1009 officers and delegate positions are on Thursday 9/23 at the union meeting. This is the time to get involved! Their will be new leadership at our Local level and at the PFFM.This is a great opportunity to get involved.It is a lot of work with a lot to learn,but well worth it.

                     The deadline for applying for 5th week single tours is 9/30. Single tours can be combined as a week if you wish, this option gives you the greatest flexability to take vacation time when YOU want it.

                     Congradulations to those that were promoted in June and to those that will be soon.Good Luck to the 39 new recruits. They should be starting in October ,temporarily putting us over 406. It will be short lived.



May 7 2010
May 11, 2010

Brothers and Sisters,

                 Remember; MDA "fill the boot" Day is Saturday May 15, from 9:00 to 1:00.  Refreshments after at The Cosmo on Hamilton Street.  This is The Firefighter charity, please come out and help.

                  Open enrollment period is May 10 through May 21.  If you need to change or add health insurance, dental or vision insurance now is the ONLY time. Also medical, dependent care and parking/transportation flex spending have to be renewed or added at this time.

                  While not officially endorsed by L1009, as of yet, we are supporting candidate John Mahoney fot the 13th district state reresentative seat.(Spellanes seat).  He is a friend and would give us and the PFFM a direct line off communication on Beacon Hill.  Over the next few months we will be asking for your help holding signs, mailings and at the polls on election day.  FF Mike Papagni E-3, group 2 is the Locals liason to the Mahoney campaign.  Thank You to the firefighters whom have already helped kick off Mahoney"s campaign.  Local 1009 and the PFFM have also endorsed Tom Foley for sheriff.

                  We are working on a number of grievences and arbitrations.  Many have to do with FMLA.  On April 1 the "dual status" FMLA case was heard.  The arbiter will make her decision in the upcoming months.  Due process takes a very long time.

                 The bargaining team has met and started to develop some strategies. We have requested and recieved a municipal financial analysis from the IAFF.  We sent about 3000 pages of financial data and have recieved their 6 page summary.  I will keep you posted.

                 Finally, we have a number of negative news items and internal disciplinary problems over the last few months.  These effect  our ability to bargain, to maintain our manning and to proceed with promotions.  Most of our problems would go away if we would learn to keep our mouths shut.  Do not speak to the T&G about discipline/conduct issues in the WFD.  It does not help anyone.  Stop the rumor mill.  We do not care what you would do if you were the chief.  You are Not .  Mind your own business!

   VP Doug Courville

November 5,2009
Nov 05, 2009


Brothers and Sisters,

          Thank You to all of our  members who voted for our endorsed candidates. Thank You to the 45 members who held a sign for Joe Casello. I would also like to thank M.George,M.Papagni,S.Shanley,R.Mazieka,S.Fanning and R.Moroski for making phone calls and organizing their groups. Not an easy job, Thank You.

          Now the big question is, If you were not one of the 45 guys fighting for our benefits and jobs   where the hell were you?  Our jobs are political! We are a special interest! We need a voice in local  and state government. We need to elect politicians who will protect our pensions and health insurance. We need to elect people who will have our back on firefighter health and safety issues.They will help us if we help them. Maybe next time we can put the hammers down or get off the couch and stand up for ourselves,by backing candidates that will have our back.

REMINDERS: Follow your H1N1 PROTOCOLS. If you become sick use your sick time and do not spread the flu around the station.

  Nov. 14 WFD Poker Night

Dec.3 Firefighter of year award 2:30-4:30

Dec.3 memorial

Dec.6 Kids Xmass Party 9:00

Dec.6 Firefighter mass 10:15

 Dec.6 Hockey game DCU

Dec.14 Food Drive see Mazeika

VP D.Courville     

July 1st, 2009
Aug 28, 2009


       Brothers and Sisters,

                    As a member of the bargaining team I would like to thank Pres. Armstrong for his  strong leadership during negotiations.I would also like to thank Sec./Treas. J.Dwyer, Don Courtney and Frank Raffa for all their efforts and educated points of view.I would also like to thank the E-Board for their guidence and most importantly the membership for its overwhelming support for ratification.

                   It is my understanding the city council will not vote on funding this contract until 7/28/09. Do not use your new Health Insurance cards until we are notified to do so.It could be as late as September 1.Your clothing check($1050) will begin being mailed shortly after funding of the contract.(providing you have passed your UNIFORM Inspection)

                  Our structural fire fighting gear inspection will take place sometime in the fall/winter.Their are still a number of issues to resolve,be patient. As of now you should be wearing your SAFEST gear that you own.Leaving it hanging in your locker will only get you burned or worse.Don't be an idiot, protect yourself with the best gear that you own.This is not a money issue,it is a saftey issue.

    VP Doug Courville

April 20, 2009
Sep 11, 2009


Brothers and Sisters,

                                   Thank you to the members who went to Boston on 4/14/09 for the PFFM Lobby Day. You stepped up and helped influence the Governor to allocate 21 million dollars to bring back laid off firefighters across the state. Your ACTIONS brought RESULTS. We are now working to get Worcester's share of that money. Hopefully we will have our 17 brothers back to work soon.

                                 Our health insurance open enrollment period is coming in May. Expect about a 9% increase for blue cross, about $7/wk. If you have out of pocket medical expenses (who doesn't) please look into a flexIble spending account. There are positives and negatives to these accounts,so please attend one of the educational meetings given by Human Resources. We will post the dates when we have them.

                                 Thank you to the members who responded to the dual status/family leave arbitration hearing. The hearing scheduled for 4/21 has been postponed and will be rescheduled.

                                 IOD-even if you complete the paper work correctly and there is no dispute, your IOD status still maybe delayed. This apparently is due to a admin/clerical delay with in UMASS. Let us know if you have a problem.

                                 DEANS LIST-  if you are on the Deans List and you do Not follow the directive and bring  in a doctor's note within 4 days of booking back on duty,YOU WILL BE DOCKED YOUR PAY.GET YOUR DOCTOR NOTES IN ON TIME. Chief Noone is not excepting any excuses.

                                Check out WFD decreases in manning 


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